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Couple retreat

Awakening unto yourself

Soul Collective offers unique and transformational Soul Retreats and is founded by experienced mental healthcare professionals.

Our organisation bridges the gap between psychological interventions, bodywork and grounded sexuality.

We provide a program with several transformational Soul Retreats as a 4-day process in a safe space close to nature. These retreats support and boost the transformation of the relationship with yourself, with your loved one(s) and with life itself. The implementation and integration process has a huge impact, personally and in all your relationships.


Our beautiful host venue, Ecolodges 't Lennepserf, is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands, between the woods and heath fields of the Veluwe and the IJssel valley. During the retreat, you will stay in one of their ecolodges with a view over the hinterland. You can even enjoy the various saunas, the steam bath and a nice sunbathing lawn.

We offer a variety of retreats, both Couple Retreats and Single Retreats. 


A deep dive in consciousness

"As we grow in our consciousness, there will be more compassion and more love. Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is not 'I love you for this or that' or 'I love you if you love me'.  It is a state of our deep inner being."

Ram Dass


Soul Retreats offers a unique approach:

  • A four-dimensional focus: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually,

  • Systemic work to free yourself from constraints

    of the past,

  • Bodywork to open up for feeling and desires,

  • Practices to connect your heart with your sexuality.

These retreats will help you to:

  • Grow in self-awareness,

  • Be yourself and to live fully in intimacy & sexuality, and,

  • Live the lovelife that you truly love.

More information can be found on our Proven Methods page.


Experience the profound impact on your ability to be intimately related.

Our proven methods are profound practices originating from Systemic Work (like family constellations), Bodywork (and Transformational Breathwork) and Grounded Sexuality.

Couple retreat

To live the lovelife that you love

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​This beautiful animation is about the impact on relationships.

We created this animation to show the archetype conflict in relationships between intimacy and sexuality. The root of this conflict must be seen in the context of your own childhood family dynamics. In relationships the collision of two family systems can be overcome with our type of healing work and your growth in awareness and consciousness. This healing work and growth can be experienced in one of our Couple Retreats.

For Whom?
Soul retreat

Artist: Alexander Milov | Burning Man Festival Photo: Alec Kondush

For the brave who are willing to face their demons and their own pain

For whom?

For the brave who are willing to face their own demons and their own pain.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual in (romantic) relationships to lose connection with each other, to misunderstand or to blame each other at times. The foundation of these dynamics is our unconscious loyalty to our own system of origin. Let me explain:


When that initial attraction and ‘falling in love’ wears off, it becomes clear that two partners are very different and prioritize different sets of values. Especially when raising children, this can become quite clear. What used to be so appealing in the other person, could now become a source of irritation or blame. And this can become very painful.

If you look at it from afar, you can see there are two family systems bumping into each other which causes bruises and/or distancing. Normally, you might start blaming or fixing the other person, but when you are brave enough, you take responsibility for your part in this dynamic. Face your own demons and take upon your own pain (connected to your childhood).

As a child, we project the ideal of each archetype on the parent of the opposite sex, and later on we project it on (romantic) partners or associates. This is when we get stuck in our relationships and what stops the growing process. The entanglements come from the collective subconsciousness, and because we are not aware of them, they are hard to recognize.

The archetypal principles, male and female, are both present in every human. Men embody the male being; the male principle. Women embody the female being; the female principle. Every human, male, female, neither or both, desires growth. The ultimate growth a person can experience is that in which the male and female principles come together and merge. One cannot exist without the other. The female openness and receptivity feed the male discernment and decisiveness, or the other way around.


Soul Collective offers Couple Retreats in which your unconscious dynamics become very conscious, giving you more clarity and insight into your own and each other’s inner processes. This will support you in finding your way to live the lovelife that you love.


Ines & Jan

If you want to deepen your relationship with your lover and if you dare to look at your own part in it, you will be positively surprised with this retreat! Deep exercises, practical ways for fun and flowing love. You come back into your body, feeling and together. Super grateful! Marian and William are lovingly professional and they provide a strong foundation. We felt allowed to be completely ourselves and let the relationship themes emerge.


When we worked together with the men it was very valuable. William helps you understand even better how and why this is so powerful. He does this by telling from his own experience and by making intense experiences possible. All hatches opened: in the constellations, by breathing, in physical and energetic contact with each other and also by talking to each other. Deep layers are brought to the surface in a nice and very powerful way. William makes sure you can just be yourself, with everything that makes you a Man. And that's a lot!


I wish everyone could follow this Retreat (for Men). From minute one William creates an atmosphere of connection and openness that ensures that you dare to show more of yourself and step closer to your blockages step by step. If you are ready to really look at yourself, to fully appropriate the responsibility in your (sexual) life and to take big steps in that, then do this. For yourself and everyone around you.

Jennifer & Niels

If you are looking for deepening in yourself and in your relationship, then you have come to the right place with Marian and William. The bedding of their retreat is firm, loving, beautifully carrying and energetic. You can then move forward with energy and attunement with yourself and each other. Thank you for a fantastic experience.

Meet the teachers of Soul Collective

William Wilson

William Wilson

Founder, Trainer, Therapist

From the age of 30 I've been intensively exploring the male aspect in myself. As a facilitator my approach is open and direct, warm and involved, with depth and lightness.

Marian Rose Fölser

Marian Rose Fölser

Trainer, Therapist

I look for profoundness and aim to shine light on the deeper layers in your personality. My strengths are calmness with a hint of gumption and surprise, and my ability to connect from the heart.

In this short video Marian & William introduce the essentials of what a Soul Retreat is all about (and where).

For more stories about us, click here.


To live the lovelife
that you love

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