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William Wilson

My name is William Wilson, born April 4th, 1967. For 12 years I worked as a trainer and therapeutic, systemic coach at Phoenix Opleidingen in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Before that, I worked 14 years in business- and management development at (inter)national consulting firms.

Since 2018 I have been living in Soest with my wife and my two youngest daughters. My eldest daughter and son are studying and living on their own.


From around the age of 30, I have been intensively exploring and integrating the male aspect in myself. “Men’s work”, Systemic Work and Bodywork have made me the man I am today. Through Tantra and Sexual Grounding, I love to work with male and female dynamics as a source of life energy. On a relational level, I have now come to a point where there is a balance between keeping holding space for myself and space for others. In addition, having a second romantic partner is inspiring and a continuous process of personal and spiritual growth.

My approach as a facilitator/trainer/therapist is open and direct, warm and involved, and with depth, lightness and humor. 

William Wilson
Marian Rose Fölser

Marian Rose Fölser

My name is Marian Rose Fölser. My greatest motivation in life is to come together with others for the deeper search for meaning, and to discover our essence and what truly inspires and moves us. I explore why we do the things we do and how we can give ourselves more freedom. How can we receive the gifts from our intense and difficult relationships, so they can contribute to our happiness?”;


For over 12 years, I have been happily working as a psychosocial therapist and trainer and program developer. In my work, I look for profoundness and aim to shine light on “the deeper layers” of a person. I won’t tell my clients what to do differently, but rather inspire and offer guidance.

Having raised two young adults and coming out of a 28 year relationship, I am motivated yet again to be even more real and loyal to myself in life.

About 15 years ago, I started my journey in the field of Tantra and immediately continued with a follow-up course. The following years, I studied and experienced for myself 

different areas in the field of Tantra and Relationship therapy. One sentence I have always remembered from my studies is: “Where love is born, wounds awaken.” A lover will always touch upon your pain, desire or longing. Each person in the relationship brings their own history. It has been my experience that a relationship requires to go beyond your own pain and fully connect. After many years, I still love to share my fascination with love, connected intimacy and sexuality with others. 

My strengths are my sensitivity, calmness with a hint of gumption and surprise, and my ability to connect from the heart. I express what I experience and I will always aim to support autonomy and personal leadership, to move towards happiness!

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