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Advanced Soul Retreat for couples

Soul Collective
Couple retreat

The greatest sexual ecstasy of all, is no search for ecstasy,

but a silent waiting. Utterly relaxed, utterly mindless.


It is not technique but love. Is not technique but prayer.

It is not head-oriented but a relaxation into the heart.


One is conscious, conscious only of being conscious.

One is consciousness. One is contented, but there is no content to it. And then there is great beauty, great blessing…


In a Sacred embrace you can remain for hours.

It is a kind of melting with the feminine or with the masculine.

It is a kind of relaxation into each other’s being.

And it is meditative, because there is no ego, no thought stirs.

And time stops.

This is a glimpse of God.



Theme: 'Grounded Sexuality'


Building on the Basic Soul Retreat, in the Advanced 3-day Soul Retreat we transition to experiencing how your desires were inhibited by the influence of your parents and what it would have been like if you had Ideal Parents. This is a magical method from Sexual Grounding that has a special and deep healing effect. It allows you to fill a void and soothe an insatiable craving (both physically and emotionally).

The principles, male and female, are active in every human being. The female openness and receptivity give nourishment to the male vigorousness and decision-making ability or vice versa. Being aware of this interplay of male and female energy provides the ultimate opportunity for a deepening connection in intimacy and sexuality.

This Advanced Soul Retreat for Couples will let the newfound life-energy flow within yourself and from there also with your partner. It allows you to deepen your connection in intimacy and sexuality, with yourself and with your partner.

Used and proven methods: NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Bodywork, Breathwork, Family Constellations (with Ideal Parents), Tantric practice, Kundalini Yoga, Osho Meditation, and more.

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Click on the Apply button to start the questionnaire and follow the steps accordingly. After completing the questionnaire, you will be asked to make a down payment for the Retreat and an online coach session. For more information, please check the application tab above. 

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