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Soul Retreat for singles & couples
@ Sadhaka (Fr.) July 28th-Aug 3rd 2024

Soul Collective
Soul Retreat

I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is

to be seen, to be heard by them,

to be understood and touched by them.


The greatest gift I can give is

to see, hear, understand and to touch another person.


When this is done

I feel contact has been made.

Virginia Satir

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Theme: 'Connecting in intimacy & sexuality'

The Relationship SoulRetreat is for couples and singles who want to achieve growth in this relationship theme. Whether you are in a relationship or single, we interact with other people every day. In contact with others you encounter yourself. And if you go one step further and really bond with someone, that requires intimacy and vulnerability. The other person often acts as a mirror in what we have learned and have taught ourselves in relationships.

In a (love) relationship there are often different expectations and desires in terms of intimacy and sexuality. In this week you will find depth and a constructive way to work on this together so that it can flow (more) again. In you, in contact with others or in your own current relationship. We work with Systemic Work, bodywork, breathing exercises, deep massage and Sexual Grounding, among other things.

What can you expect?

This week is a deep dive and transformation of your love(s) life in which the other person is a mirror and the instrument to connect it. After this week you will have experienced the following:

  • A deep connection with yourself and your own desire and you know how to bring this into contact.

  • Your body is your temple, guide and counselor.

  • The other is the mirror of your own processes.

  • Building your energetic field through meditation and sexual energy.

  • Feeling polarity between masculine and feminine energy.

Practical exercises:

  • In terms of connection and intimacy.

  • Systemic work and sexual grounding.

  • Bodywork and breathwork.

  • Meditation, ritual and dance.

  • Deepening your own sexuality in connection.

In this retreat there are individual exercises, with a partner, separately with the men and women and with the entire group.

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