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Soul Collective
To live the lovelife that you love​

In this video you can see what impact our workshops have through a powerful combination of Bodywork, Systemic Work and Grounded Sexuality. "Who am I really?" Our first identification with this question is the example and messages we inherit from our parents. Somewhere along our upbringing we bump into the question: Am I good enough? And then we set out to live (or prove) that we are good enough. Until we get stuck or even burnt-out.


Do you then have the opportunity to seize this existential crisis to truly wake up and become aware? To free yourself from what you have taken upon you and from the (intergenerational) burden of your parents?


Do you ultimately want an answer to the question: How do I live from myself?​

1. Systemic Work

What is Systemic work?

In your work and in your relationships, there are certain dynamics at play which influence the interaction and communication, often unconsciously. From an early age your behaviour and that of others is influenced by these dynamics, forming patterns deeply rooted in your way of life. In Systemic Work, you expand the understanding and vision you have of yourself and others. You learn to become aware of those deeply rooted patterns and to recognize them in yourself and others.


Systemic context describes how the individual is influenced within the greater whole. From childhood on, we learn and develop within systemic context, everyone with their own dynamic field. The system of origin, our family, leaves a deep blueprint. We unconsciously repeat the dynamics we find in that first system in other systems, including our loyalties and the interaction patterns that flow out of them. Other systems include our work environment or our own family framework. At times, it feels as if we are drawn back in time and remain stuck in those dynamics. Through Systemic Work, we are able to release ourselves from these constraints. Family Constellations is a profound method that is used in Systemic Work. It is a great tool to gain insight into those interaction patterns in yourself and in your system of origin.

A Family Constellation goes through the following steps:

  • Before starting, you as a client will be asked to bring forward a theme or question that you want to explore in the session.

  • You will then choose several people, called resonators, to represent members of your system of origin (e.g. your father or grandmother) or important aspects of the theme in question. Afterwards you give these resonators a place in the room, fully based on your intuition, resulting in a constellation.

  • In this setup, you will be able to sense an Intuitive Field that can give great clarification about your family system dynamics and your own patterns that result from it. At times, this can be very confronting.

  • Eventually, within the constellation, you work towards the path of healing and it lets you discover how you can transform the deep-rooted known patterns into freedom in behaviour and experience.

Systemic Work is a profound method used in both the Single and Couple Retreats. More information on the Retreats can be found here.

Soul retreat

2. Bodywork and Breathwork

What is Bodywork and what is Breathwork?

Bodywork can take many forms. Essentially, it is working with the felt senses in yourself; how you feel feelings in your body. Body movement exercises, hands-on bodywork, breathwork and mindfulness are some of the forms we use to bring you into awareness of the feelings held in your body. By being aware and feeling these feelings, you are able to move through fears and self-deception on your way to inner maturity.


Breathwork is a great way to bring to light and soften stuck emotions and injuries from the past, in addition to the cognitive approach.


Wilhelm Reich (a student of Freud) also wanted a more physical approach for expressing repressed emotions and feelings. He called the physical result of the repressions 'armor rings', because the increased muscle tension in the body protected us with armor against emotional damage, fear, pain and sadness.

These blockages hinder the free and natural breathing movement. This creates a breathing pattern as if there is constant stress. This  leads to chest pain, tightness, fatigue and depression. Blockages are removed in the body and breathing movement through new breathing patterns and touches. Repressed and forgotten emotions and stuck physical tensions can thus be released.

Couple retreat

3. Grounded Sexuality

What is Grounded Sexuality?

We call it Grounded Sexuality as in a combination of Sexual Grounding and Tantra. Originally, Tantra is a philosophy, a way of life. It’s about full acceptance, surrender, transformation and meditation. More than this, you are able to live your full human potential, in divine connection with all there is. 

The basic understanding of Tantra is that, contrary to what the mind tries to tell us, all polarities in life are not opposites. They are complementary. Male and female, light and dark; they are not conflicting forces. From that deep insight, Tantra has developed meditation techniques that focus our awareness on the union of polarities. One of the most human ways to experience this union is through lovemaking, through sex. When the orgasm happens, the male and female energies meet, melt together and give us a glimpse of unity. Tantra states that orgasm doesn’t belong to sex, but to our consciousness, to our being. It is an inner space where all opposites melt and unify: a space of oneness, wholeness.


Through sacredness, awareness and love, Tantra teaches you how to be in that space in your daily life. On the other hand there is Sexual Grounding as a healing method. It allows you to experience the natural stages in your sexual and genital-emotional growth, as milestones on your path of self-development. In these practices, group members will support each other in each other’s own natural, sexual exploration. Sexual Grounding is a very effective self development method to dive into sexuality and relationships in a transparent, honest and pure way.

Practicing these methods results in:

  • A sustainable connection with your true nature and spirit,

  • Restoring the sexual flow between head, heart and sexual area,

  • Developing the capability to sustain (long-lasting) fulfilling relationships.


“I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone
is to be seen by them, heard by them,
to be understood and touched by them.
The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear,
to understand and to touch another person.
When this is done I feel contact has been made.”

Virginia Satir

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